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We combine just the right mix of strategy, planning and execution to ensure your digital initiatives are successful. Specializing in B2B eCommerce and PIM, we strive to deliver positive impact for your business.


At impaqX we measure our success very simply, through your success. We expect to be measured by the results our customers achieve and are committed to ensuring your objectives are met. Period.


We have been on all sides of the table, as software developers, implementors, planners and users. We have the experience to support any part of your digital initiative.


We deliver impacts, plain and simple. Our goal is not to burn billable hours, rather our goal is to sit on your side of the table, to be your advocate and advisor throughout your initiative to ensure you succeed.

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We love & know what we do!

B2B eCommerce

"Your customers are buying online on their time, with increasing regularity. Let us develop an eCommerce approach that helps your business capitalize on the opportunity."

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"In today’s digital world, the data is your product. Customers and prospects do not have the ability to pick up the product and compare it to others on the shelf. They have to conclude that your product is what they need solely on the data you provide to help them make that choice. Let us help you…"

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Digital Marketing

"Whatever your business goals are, Impaqx Digital Marketing Services, have the expertise, experience and cutting-edge technology needed to achieve them"

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Trust our experience!

We will help your business

Complex solutions

We love complexity. Often our customers have challenging environments. Legacy ERP systems, unique customer pricing scenarios, disparate product data, and much worse. We’ve seen it all and excel at delivering seamless digital experiences in complicated situations.

High quality standards

Click a button and nothing happens and your customer goes somewhere else. We understand the digital experiences we deliver are a direct reflection on your brand. Our rigorous quality assurance practices ensure we meet and exceed your expectations for a quality customer experience.

Leading experts

We've been doing this a long time. Our staff possess a deep understanding of digital as it applies to your business. We bring a modern understanding of technology trends, and business acumen to the table to ensure a solution meets all of your business objectives.

Cost effective

We employ a mixed onshore/offshore model to deliver the very best experience throughout the engagement. Our projects are structured as outcome-based, where you define the outcomes, and we employ the right mix of resources to deliver at a cost that doesn’t break the bank.

Our approach

Outcomes matter!



At the outset of every project we want to work with you to understand the outcomes that matter. We want to know how you will measure success after we’re gone.



Working collaboratively with you we will develop a plan that delivers a steady flow of deliverables aligned with your objectives for the project.



We see implementation as all about collaboration and transparency. We understand things are going to happen. It’s important for both of us to work collaboratively to address risks, pivot to feedback, and ensure the project remains on schedule and aligned with your objectives.



We see our relationship as a partnership. Our involvement may shift to the background but, our customers know we are always there to support them. Whether we are providing technical support, digital marketing, or helping you to evolve the solution with enhancements or changes, Impaqx is there to support you.

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