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We understand that you want to see results. We are a focused and nimble team of professionals that can adapt to changes quickly and deliver the results much faster than our competition.

Efficient, Effective

We employ a mixed resourcing strategy to deliver outcomes that exceed your expectations in a manner that is far more efficient and effective than our competition.

Interactive and Flexible

We will work with you during all phases of the project to understand your needs and leverage Strategy, UX/Design principles, and Technology, to create robust and easy-to-use solutions for your business. We will adapt to your needs, striving to ensure we deliver the right solutions for you every single time.


We utilize the latest technologies to ensure you have visibility into your project 24/7. We want to ensure you are comfortable and informed throughout. We view surprise as the enemy in our client projects.


We created Impaqx to serve businesses like yours. In addition to a deep understanding in the technology, we understand your business environment. With that understanding we are in an ideal position to be your partner throughout the project, helping you to evaluate options and opportunities.

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